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Horus Business Modeler is a browser-based, modern BPM (Business Process Management) tool for modeling and analyzing business processes across an entire organization. You can find a link to the new free trial version at:

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Horus Tutorial #1 | Getting Started
The new Horus Business Modeler is here, and with it our first tutorial “Getting Started”. The first episode of our tutorial series is all about the first steps, such as how you can quickly and easily create a workspace and the associated process model. Take a look and get started right away:
Tutorial Getting Started

Horus Tutorial #2 | First Steps of Modeling
We continue with our 2nd tutorial from the Horus video series. Learn now how you can create process models and which elements support you in designing a detailed process flow. Go take a look and start with the first steps of modeling:
Tutorial Getting Started

Horus Tutorial #3 | Multilanguage Tool
In the third video of our tutorial series we present a special feature of Horus Business Modeler: Multilingualism. This allows the user to quickly and easily change the language at the touch of a button and thus maximum flexibility in language translation.
Tutorial Getting Started

Horus Tutorial #4 | Edit & Document
This tutorial is about the Rich Text Editor (RTE). This feature allows you to customize descriptions of elements as well as apply common text formatting such as font type, size, and color. This is followed by an explanation of how to create reports using a Word document.
Tutorial Getting Started

Horus Tutorial #5 | Collaborative Modeling
The fifth chapter of our tutorial series is about collaborative process design. This new functionality allows you to model and edit business processes together with colleagues and customers, as well as track changes live. Let’s get started with teamwork!
Tutorial Getting Started

Horus Tutorial #6 | Edge Modeling
Horus users benefit from intuitive, cloud-based and professional process modeling. Within many processes, it is necessary to define operational decisions that affect the process flow and are sometimes critical to success. Today we will show you the possibilities of edge modeling and how simulation scenarios can be compared.
Tutorial Getting Started

Horus Tutorial #7 | Workspaces Export & Import
The 7th tutorial in our Horus video series is about exporting and importing workspaces. The Horus Export feature allows you to use your models outside of Horus Business Modeler. This makes it quick and easy to import workspaces into the new Horus version, for example to use data from legacy systems.
Tutorial Getting Started

Horus Tutorial #8 | Generate Reports
Our eighth tutorial is about reporting: Horus allows you to create custom reports in different file types. This allows business users to analyze their process hierarchy offline – in formats that decision makers are also familiar with.
Tutorial Generate Reports

Horus Tutorial #9 | Insert Links
In our tutorial #9 we will show you how to assign web links to the respective activity in the process flow. This allows a direct link within the diagram to provide detailed information to the corresponding users. Experience the ease of use of Horus with just one click now!
Tutorial Insert Links

Horus Tutorial #10 | Pre-defined Business Processes
In our tutorial #10 we will show you our Horus product BP4Apps: business processes for applications. The BP4Apps are predefined and quality-assured business processes that offer an enriching knowledge base to give the user deep insights of the technical structures of Oracle Cloud Applications.
Tutorial Pre-defined Business Processes



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