October 07, 2021

Green BPM – How to green your processes

Sustainability – in the past often used as an empty buzzword, now a concept increasingly given weight to and turned from mere lip service into action. No wonder, because there are now countless reasons for companies to take more responsibility for both the environment and society…

September 20, 2021

The digital twin of an organization – digitally replicate your company based on processes

According to a study conducted by the msg Group in 2020, almost nine out of ten companies have already developed concepts for using a digital twin. However, only one-third are planning to change an existing business model using this innovative approach. This is precisely where great potential hides that is often unexploited in practice …

August 3, 2021

Deal or no Deal? The course is set for green!

Green Economy, Green Growth, Green Sustainability, Green Deal – everything revolves around the conscious and sustainable use of resources. But what is it all about, and how do these demands play out in companies? Because one thing is clear, a simple coat of paint is not enough, …

July 6, 2021

Customer satisfaction par excellence – BPM under the banner of a sophisticated customer experience

More and more companies are recognizing how elementary a mature customer experience (CX) strategy is for competitiveness, and with it the importance of digitizing the entire customer journey. One thing is certain …

May 17, 2021

No fear of digitization

Modern modeling tools with established and practical best practice solutions transform the challenge of digitization into an opportunity with unimagined potential for efficient process design.

May 12, 2020

Horus Business Modeler and Horus 3.0 are now certified on Oracle Autonomous Cloud!

The business process management tool Horus Business Modeler as well as the new Tool Horus 3.0, which is currently in development, are now both certified to run on an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud instance. This comes in handy if you do not have a spare database instance or if you do not want to perform the management of an ordinary (Oracle) Database. It is even possible to run…

March 6, 2020

Quality Management in a state of change

Function-oriented reports and the process-oriented quality management – in every company, the two worlds face each other in a critical and distanced way. Both sections are indispensable requirements for a successful business, no matter if in the production or service industry. In theory, …