Cookie Policy

What cookies are

On this website we use so-called “cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are stored via your browser in the memory of your device. Cookies store certain information (e.g. your preferred language or page settings), which your browser can send back to us when you revisit the website (depending on the lifespan of the cookie).

The cookies we use

complianz_policy_idhorus.bizStores the unique ID of the accepted cookies1 yearnecessary
complianz_consent_statushorus.bizStores your consent to necessary cookies1 yearnecessary
cmplz_marketinghorus.bizStores your consent to external services1 yearnecessary
passsterhorus.bizStores your access to Enterprise Downloads2 daysexternal services*
YSCyoutube.comStores user inputUntil the end of the sessionexternal services*
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEyoutube.comStores user preferences like language6 monthsexternal services*
IDEyoutube.comUsed by YouTube for marketing purposes2 yearsexternal services*

* Cookies from external services:
These cookies are not necessary and only need to be enabled if you want to enable external content (currently only from YouTube) on our website.

How to change your cookie preferences

You can change your cookie preferenceshere.

How to delete or reject cookies

You can delete cookies once they have been set at any time via your browser settings. You can also set your browser to always delete cookies and temporary files when you close the browser.

You can prevent cookies from being stored by selecting “do not accept cookies” in your browser settings. However, if you do not accept cookies, this may lead to functional restrictions of the website in individual cases.