Business Alliance

The Horus Business Alliance is a network of national and international businesses. With the help of the companies in the Horus Business Alliance we work on establishing and deploying Horus. Through years of work experience with the Horus tools in the professional field we ensure that our alliance partners have exceptional skills with the Horus Business Modeler which is why in most cases, they even have distribution rights.

Partnering with us comes with an abundant set of benefits such as: Redistributing discounts, marketing support in form of marketing licenses for Horus products, support for panels, company presentations and direct marketing, product discounts for projects as well as advanced education.

Did this peek your interest? Do you want to join the Alliance and become a Horus Partner? In that case please contact us.

List of our Business Alliance Partners


Horus Endeavor is defined as our cooperation with national and international state of the art research and education facilities. Together we strive towards the development and product innovation of Horus.

Though a partnership has various benefits such as Horus Social BPM Labs, further education and training sessions and a free of charge version of the Horus Business Modeler, there is a lot more to it. A Horus Endeavor Partnership comes with constant support as well as the possibility to place students in internship positions and such at the Horus headquarters.

Did this peek your interest? Would you like to become an Endeavor Partner? In that case please contact us.

List of our Endeavor Partners