About Horus

“We love processes and have learned that the complexity in today’s IT projects can only be managed through modeling. My experiences both as a project manager and a consultant have proven as much. In projects Horus is a tremendous help. Each and every day we are working on making the Horus software even better and match our customer’s needs.”

– Thomas Karle, COO

„I spent a lot of time looking for the one tool out there that actually prevents chaos. I didn’t find it so we decided to develop it ourselves. So basically, Horus is born to be the perfect tool in so many kinds of different IT projects.”

– Johannes Michler, CTO

„„Our customers speed up their implementation projects enormously. You can not only visualize complex circumstances but also make lots of information easily understandable. The transparency is such a relief for our customers and seeing that is what makes this job so enjoyable for me.”

– Kasi Faercher-Haag, Sales