Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an electronic marketplace where software manufacturers and providers from the Oracle Cloud ecosystem offer their products and services. Horus, innovative software forge at the heart of Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and specialist for business process management, has now listed its ‘Business Processes for Oracle Cloud Applications’ for Human Capital Management as an app at the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Horus BP4Apps stands for „Business Processes for Oracle Cloud Applications“ and provides comprehensive process and application knowledge for the Oracle SaaS product portfolio.

With the Horus BP4Apps for the Oracle Cloud HCM, the user or application expert receives an easy-to-use knowledge-based system which is obtained as a service from the Horus Public Cloud. In the private Horus Community Portal, extensive business process knowledge is made available for the relevant Oracle application modules.

The core of the Horus BP4Apps for the Oracle Cloud HCM is a rich and extensive knowledge base which provides the user a deep insight into the technical structures of the Oracle Cloud Applications. This knowledge base consists of easy-to-understand, logically linked models that offer different views on the user-relevant aspects of Oracle Cloud Applications. The use of Horus BP4Apps for the Oracle Cloud HCM ensures a consistently transparent project execution.

You can find further information on Horus BP4 Apps for Oracle HCM on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Please find below the Data Sheets Horus BP4 Apps for Oracle Cloud HCM