Efficiency boost: Digital twin brings enormous potential!

The IT analysis and market research institute Gartner expects that half of the larger industrial companies will be using the digital twin as early as 2021, thus increasing their effectiveness by ten percent. How about you?

Do you also dream of interlocking quality management into the process chain right from the start? Accordingly, the criteria of quality assurance are directly embedded in the process and the necessary information is available directly at the appropriate point. But compliance with the standards is checked additionally and the messages are sent in real time. The documentation – the central element of quality management – is permanently adapted and is therefore always up to date. Future vision? No, this is already being practiced today!

Digital Process Twin – modern technology paired with QM expertise

The digital twin has long since found its way into the industry, where it has been revolutionizing processes along the entire value chain. As a virtual image of the product, production or performance, it enables a seamless linking of the individual process steps. This consistently increases efficiency, minimizes the error rate, shortens development cycles and opens up completely new business opportunities – in other words, ensures a sustained increase in competitiveness.

However, the development of such digital twins requires powerful software tools that implement them across the entire value chain. But how is this supposed to work, you ask?

We’ll shed light on the subject: Take part in our free webinar on 23 June 2020 at 10:00 am (in German) and benefit from a competitive advantage.

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