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Knowledge Bases

Customizable Templates for Efficient Modeling


Horus Knowledge Bases are a range of high-quality economic standard process templates we have created to support you in planning, modeling and optimizing your own business processes.

Instead of modeling from scratch, these templates allow you an accelerated start into modeling projects and make developing models overall more efficient. You can easily adjust and customize the templates to your individual process requirements and display your own processes within only a short amount of time.

Horus Knowledge Bases are our form of digital knowledge management. They contain all the experience we have gathered from years of collaborative work with various business companies from different sectors. Over time, we have managed to optimize and model our standard process models so that all of our customers can benefit from them – no matter what industry.

Below, you can see some of the standard processes the Horus Knowledge Bases offer:

Financials & Controlling

Process from the statement of account (at the end of an accounting period) to controlling

Human Capital Management

Process from hiring a new employee to their exit from the company


Process from marketing campaign to lead generation

Supply Chain Management

Process from order to cash
Process from procurement to payment


Process from lead generation to customer acquisition and order