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Business Modeler

What do you use this Product for?

The Horus Business Modeler enables you to visualize and answer each and any concern your company may have, no matter how complex or extensive.

Business Modeler

How does the Product achieve that?

The tool provides you with a dedicated space to link, save and manage the distinct parts of the models, enabling you to swiftly create an abundant collection of all the provided information.

Business Modeler

Why does this Product do this so well??

Based on the Horus Method, the Horus Business Modeler guides you and your company throughout the whole analysis process. The Horus Method supports the user step by step regarding the modeling process of each and every aspect.

Business Modeler

What are the results of working with this product?

With all the different model types the Horus Business Modeler has to offer, we make sure that you are able to illustrate any circumstances regarding your field of work. Adjusting flexibly to the requirements of our customers, you can choose either to use the full range or a more focused selection of our model types.

Business Modeler

What are the advantages of working with this product?

Working with the Horus Business Modeler you will profit from more than 20 years of experience in the professional field. All the experience we have gathered over this time span went directly into further developing our software tools with the aim to make them fit your every need.

Business Modeler

Where are the Interfaces to other Horus products?

Working with different Horus software tools creates a unified platform providing you with a comprehensive overview. You can create, share, comment, and validate content with other users device-independently, while still being able to supervise the progress. This directly impacts the efficiency in a positive way by compensating time consuming unnecessary meetings and lengthy mail exchanges.