Limitless modeling – Meet the new generation of the Horus Business Modeler

Ettlingen, December 16, 2019 – As one of the innovative solutions for process modeling, the Horus Business Modeler left its impact on the industry ten years ago. It is the first professional social BPM tool (Business Process Management) for modeling, simulating and analyzing business processes in a modern networked business community. The tool covers the entire lifecycle of a business process, from the idea to the design, to the use and maintenance of the process. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Horus – the innovative software forge in the heart of the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe and specialist for business process management – now presents the new generation of Horus Business Modeler.

Companies are faced with the challenge of reacting to new technologies and expanding, constantly changing requirements. The latter include competitive pressure, new laws, regulations and standards as well as steadily advancing demands for quality, service and availability at increasing cost pressure. The more flexibly and efficiently a company can respond to these conditions, the more successful it is on the market. Business Process Management is a practicable method that helps companies in the pursuit of this goal. Organizations that know their processes and IT systems, analyze weak points and optimize them accordingly, can react faster and more effectively to complex market requirements.

Especially in the course of digital transformation, modern BPM sees itself as a pioneer and highly efficient tool for establishing genuine digital networking. Digital change does not only constitute a technological challenge, but primarily a new relationship with the customer. A fundamental fact becomes clear: consistent customer orientation is only possible if based on processes that are both free of media discontinuity and structured from end to end. This is exactly where the Horus Business Modeler comes in: Processes are mapped in the form of process models by using activities and object flows. Business processes are subdivided into the individual necessary steps (activities) as well as refined at different hierarchy levels. The prerequisites necessary for carrying out an activity and the results from its execution are represented by object memories. By assigning different model types and documents, the process models can be extended to a comprehensive business process model.

With the new generation of the Horus Business Modeler, the Horus team has now succeeded in making the tool available as a web application for every end device, so no more installations and updates are necessary – the application is always up-to-date. All users can digitally collaborate, access and share content across locations. In the course of considering all target groups, new model types have been developed which can be linked– an additional plus for limitless modeling. This way, not only essential functionalities have been optimized and expanded, but a significant improvement in usability in the form of intuitive operation has also been achieved.