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Nowadays the companies face constant pressure from ever-changing business processes and their obligations to manage organizational structures, to keep up or even surpass contenders on the dynamically adapting global market. These pending changes can be caused by various reasons such as the need to digitalize processes, the implementation of company software, technical innovations (eg. Internet of Things) or diverse other changes to organizational structures.

Realizing business transformations on this scale may prove to be a task exceeding expectations by a long shot and thereby causing a remarkable amount of complex work. To conduct a suitable business transformation a company needs to take into account not only the right strategy for tackling the issue, but also adequate tools that are used in combination with the know how regarding the issues. Horus provides you with software tools that, in combination with the Horus Method as well as predefined knowledge bases, ensure an efficient and transparent business transformation. This process is the aggregation of strategy development, modeling corporate structures, business process management, integrated requirement and test management, knowledge management and business simulation.


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