Horus Method

The guideline for a Structured Approach

The Horus Method is a scientifically profound and still very practical guideline to both analyze and display business process models, procedures, organizational structures or IT systems. Guiding the user through the modelling of all necessary aspects, the Horus Method supports and helps you with the structured graphical visualization of your processes. It will supply you with a flexible selection of analysis components to target specific areas throughout all departments.

The result of said analysis is quantitatively and qualitatively highly valuable data to be used as a substantiated basis for any future corporate development. The visualization throughout the different types of models lets you take a look at the bigger picture, which in turn drastically improves the transparency within your business and enables your stakeholders to make well-founded and informed decisions for the future.

The complete palette of Horus software supports the application of the Horus Method with corresponding model types and multiple possibilities of conjunction across the different software tools. It maps the method’s structure and provides the necessary functionality to create, review, publish, and monitor the analysis results.


Phase 0


Project Initialization
Project Definition

Strategy & Architecture

Phase 1

Strategy and Architecture

Context Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Strategy Analysis
Enterprise Architecture Modeling
System Architecture

Business Process Analysis

Phase 2

Business Process Analysis

Structure Analysis
Procedure Analysis
Organization Structure Analysis
Key Figure Analysis
Risk Analysis


Phase 3


Knowledge Management
Process Implementation
Business Performance Management
Process Evolution