Comprehensive process and application knowledge for Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud

Ettlingen, May 23, 2019 – Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an electronic marketplace on which software producers and service providers offer their products and services from the Oracle Cloud ecosystem. Horus, the innovative software house at the core of Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and specialist for business process management, has now listed one of their “Business Processes for Oracle Cloud Applications“ as an app on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, and by doing so delivers comprehensive process and application knowledge for the Oracle SaaS product portfolio.

On the way into digital economy, expectations of business software applications have reached unexpected dimensions: optimal support and transparency of value chains, combined with a high usability for simultaneously plummeting implementation and operating costs. As a platform for digital transformation, the business software becomes a significant guarantor for the agility of business models.

CIOs and CDOs all over the world have recognized the untamable quality of this bundle of requirements concerning the on-premises applications used thus far. In the context of their future strategies, the majority has settled for cloud-based applications, obtained as software services (SaaS) and orchestrated in adaptable business processes – even across company boundaries.

But how do potential customers or consultants gain a fast insight into the functional performance of the Oracle Cloud Applications? How can the new software be implemented rapidly within the context of agile procedures? And how do users gain a better insight into the applications during online trainings and in the continuous knowledge exchange with users and experts, with the result of an increased user satisfaction and efficiency? Horus BP4Apps (Business Processes for Oracle Cloud Applications) provides answers to all these questions.

Horus BP4Apps delivers an easy-to-use knowledge-based system which is obtained as a service from the Horus Public Cloud. Extensive business process knowledge for the relevant Oracle application modules is available in the private Horus Community Portal. The user community can access the tool in a way that is target-group-friendly and tailored to the respective purpose of use. This also applies to opportunities for an invaluable exchange of knowledge within the user community.

In the case of Horus BP4 Financials, the user or application expert receives comprehensive process and application knowledge for the Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud. The cloud is based on a robust, global architecture that includes tax, payment, and accounting engines in order to meet a wide range of global business needs and enable customers to configure these capabilities to meet their individual country or business needs. It is designed for global deployment and is available in 23 languages. The application makes it possible to map almost any complex corporate structure. Using the standard functionalities, many finance requirements can already be implemented via configuration. Moreover, Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud provides country-specific localizations for specific payment formats and tax reports to meet local business requirements.

The centerpiece of Horus BP4Apps is an extensive knowledge base that allows for a profound insight into the functional structures of the Oracle Cloud Applications. This knowledge base consists of easily comprehensible, logically linked models that provide different perspectives on the user-relevant aspects of the Oracle Cloud Applications. The core consists of the model components “Debtors, Creditors and Payment Management“ as well as “Assets“ and “Accounting“.

More information about Horus BP4 Financials is available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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