Enterprise Governance

The Foundation for an Efficient Management

In every business there is a broad amount of knowledge which is unusable if not structured properly. In order to be able to use all this knowledge, it is recommended to examine all processes within the business and depict them in models.

In the course of modeling, all relevant information about individual processes is being collected, structured and visualized. Even the most complex issues can be worked out due to a variety of different model types creating transparency and a mutual understanding of the processes.

The modeling results are then being discussed with all people involved in the processes in order to find and incorporate all suggestions for improvement and alterations. This is how you create precise models which depict processes up to their most elementary parts. By linking all acquired models with each other, you are able to create a comprehensive network of all available knowledge which structures the entire knowledge of the business so it becomes accessible and therefore usable. You can provide a basis for sustainable business management if the entire business is modeled this way. Now, potential business decisions can first be simulated using the models making it so the consequences can be estimated prior to the management realizing them. This enables you to control all business developments on all business levels and make decisions based on profound knowledge.


Knowledge Network

Business Management