Horus Method

The Horus Method defines steps both for model expansion through additional elements as well as for joining various modeling elements.


Horus Software Tools

Easy to use Software Tools. In conjunction with the Horus Method a continuous agile modeling process is supported.


Horus Knowledge Bases

Best Practice Reference Models which significantly speed up the design and implementation of business models and dramatically improve the model quality.


The Most Flexible & Easy To Use BPM-Tool

Business Process Management and Social BPM for the Professional Business User

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Join the Revolution! Join the Horus Community!

The Horus Public Space makes a Social BPM platform available for the Horus Community that allows for transfer and exchange of knowledge and experience. Innovative approaches and educational methods on business process modeling, ideas for solutions and best practices can be passed along between experts and users of the Horus Method and Horus Tools.


With Horus business processes are modeled from different point of views. This simplifies the models and increases the flexibility of model design. But: often many model types overdo it on the user. Not so with Horus Business Modeler. Models are now designed “with method”!
The Horus Method describes several phases and leads the way from the first project idea down to the finished business process model and beyond. The tool enforces the method where necessary but leaves as much latitude to where a business process expert feels comfortable as well.
In the Horus Method, business process models always pursue the goal of a common understanding at a business level. As a result, they use a current vocabulary and are oriented towards business conditions in their processes and structures.
By means of transparent and cross departmental processes, responsibilities can be defined clearly using Horus. The entire DOAG Community- and SIG managers can be involved gradually and permanently!
Fried Saacke, Executive Officer DOAG
Collaboration in web-based social networks is a matter of course for 3. But the motivation of the people involved plays a central role to promote product and process innovations.
Kurt Teichenthaler, Head of Business Support Services, Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

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