Locating potential for cost savings with Horus®

From an unwanted stress test, the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into an unstoppable digitization catalyst in all areas. Now companies are forced to take a look in the mirror – some of them quite mercilessly at that – when it comes to their own digitization efforts. In the view of the current crisis, quick action is the order of the day for many business leaders. However, one can lose sight quickly in the midst of that. Because employees use different hardware systems, emails, digital documents on the corresponding servers as well as all kinds of different software solutions. Nevertheless, new work structures that comply with the enhanced hygienic measures in terms of spatial and temporal separation need to be developed. Topics such as home office, secured network access and video conferences have come to the fore.

Consequently, the measures taken have also pointed out thresholds in every company. What can be handled from home? To what extent are the processes networked and where do media disruptions occur between the digital systems? Efficiency and cost pressure have become more relevant than ever.

Modern digital solutions – transparency in processes and interfaces

This is where the HORUS® system provides the ideal platform to document processes, show interfaces as well as simulate corresponding lead times. Especially in quality management, an efficient and secure operation of processes and interfaces is of central interest.

This is where modern digital solutions are absolutely vital and bring light into the darkness, such as our free webinar held on November 3, 2020 at 10am! The Webinar will be held in German. Take the lead and join our interactive live webinar.

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Learn in our second webinar on the topic of “Compliance – balancing act of a legally compliant company” on December 1, 2020, how you can create transparency in your company with Horus® to fulfill general and official requirements. Register here.

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