Transparency, prevention and tracking with Horus®

Not a day goes by without a compliance-related headline in the press. Regardless of whether it is emissions scandals or the international soccer rope team – compliance is far more than just laws and regulations. The sole consideration of standards as well as the frequently treacherous security gained from certifications do not suffice. Only humans themselves can make moral and responsible decisions. Unfortunately, in many companies, the topic of compliance is still treated with negligence. And yet, compliance is not just an option for employers, but simply an obligation to prevent any consequent infringements, horrendous fines and damage claims of third parties.

But how can you make, consolidate and implement sustainable decisions with empathy, clarity and assertiveness in a business environment that is full of pitfalls?

Transparency of general and official requirements

As a remedial measure, for example, the company’s requirements can be regularly reviewed and included in an index of legal provisions. As an ideal solution for this, the intranet portal provided by HORUS® enables these requirements to be documented and made available to all employees. This is where modern digital solutions are absolutely vital and bring light into the darkness, such as our free webinar held on December 1, 2020 at 10am! The Webinar will be held in German. Take the lead and join our interactive live webinar.

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