Identifying Potential for Cost Savings with Horus

Agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean are now very much the trend: There are hardly any technical articles or webinars on the subject of project management –especially in the IT and software industry – that fail to mention these buzzwords. But what exactly is behind them?

Responding flexibly to customer requests & reacting quickly to changing requirements

Agile methods aim to work collaboratively, efficiently and therefore faster in small and focused teams. These teams meet at regular intervals to tackle specific goals. This constant consultation produces a smooth process. But also an active integration of customer feedback is a crucial feature of agile methods.

Agile Process Method Horus – The Guide for a Structured Approach

The Horus method represents a scientifically based but practice-oriented guide to analyze and model business models, processes, organizational structures or IT systems. It provides step-by-step support in modeling all necessary aspects and visualizes the processes in a structured and graphical way. The method offers you analysis modules that can be flexibly combined and allows you to answer specific questions from different application areas. The results are quantitative and qualitative high-grade analyses as a solid decision-making basis for necessary business developments.

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