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Private Community

What do you use this Product for?

The Horus Private Community is a device-independent portal that provides all authorized people with the content that was previously created in the Horus Business Modeler. This allows the integration of various user groups into the digital innovation and knowledge management.

Private Community

How does the Product achieve that?

The Private Community does not only allow access to the visualized content but also to all the underlying conjunctions and deposited information. Users can hereby evaluate and comment on any content, additionally increasing the motivation and involvement of all stakeholders.

Private Community

Why does this Product do this so well?

The Horus Private Community is made for content, but lays great focus on the users themselves. The possibility to add a status, skills and such helps each user to create an individual network within the community. Also, any achieved results can be transferred to other platforms, e.g. Atlassian Confluence.

Private Community

What are the results of working with this product?

The result of your work within the Horus Private Community are well-connected and motivated users that actively take part in creating your business’ future.

Private Community

What are the advantages of working with this product?

The Horus Private Community seamlessly fits in with the existing Horus environment and, beyond that, completes it with central features of communication and collaboration.

Private Community

Where are the Interfaces to other Horus products?

Forming a synergy with other existing Horus software tools, the Horus Private Community forms an integrative platform for a comprehensive overview. Thus, all content created in the Horus Business Modeler can be shared, checked, commented and monitored with other users independent of the device. In practice, this saves user groups unnecessary meetings or tedious e-mail correspondence. In combination with the Horus Gamification Plugin, active participation is also promoted in a playful way.