Horus Business Modeler and Horus Private Community listed as an App on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Ettlingen, April 25, 2018 – Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an electronic marketplace where software manufacturers and service providers from the Oracle Cloud ecosystem offer their products and services. Horus, innovative software company in the center of the Karlsruhe technology region and specialist in business process management, has now listed both the tools “Horus Business Modeler” and “Horus Private Community” as an app on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace – and thus further expands the sales activities of Horus.

The knowledge of an individual, a private or public enterprise alone is by far not enough to keep up in competition anymore. Community networking, the formation of strategic alliances, value-based collaboration – those factors are the order of the day, levers to achieve lasting success. Horus takes up these ideas, making them usable for organizational work. The goal is to tap the entirety of organizational knowledge available in the business community for business process design. The key to success in doing so is to involve both the internal process champions and the clients and external business partners in the process work.

With the help of the Horus Business Modeler, all questions within the company can be answered and visualized, no matter how extensive or complex the issue. The Horus Business Modeler is the first professional Social Business Process Management (BPM) tool to model, simulate, and analyze business processes in a modern connected business community. The tool covers the entire lifecycle of business processes, from the initial process idea to the design, the use and the maintenance.

Modeling with the Horus Business Modeler proceeds “with method”. This well-founded approach views business processes from different angles. The method defines several phases and thus maps the entire journey starting with the first project idea to the finished business process model. The tool enforces the method where necessary, yet leaves enough freedom for business process experts to feel comfortable at all times.

The Horus Private Community provides all authorized users with all content created with the Horus Business Modeler device, presenting the entirety of information independently in a portal. Thus, different user groups can be integrated into the digital innovation and knowledge management in a targeted way. In line with the requirements of modern knowledge management, employees gain targeted, graphically-oriented online access to an up-to-the-minute and comprehensive picture of goals, strategies, processes and knowledge in a way that is easy to understand – anywhere, anytime.

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