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Horus BP4 Apps for Oracle Cloud HCM listed at Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an electronic marketplace where software manufacturers and providers from the Oracle Cloud ecosystem offer their products and services. Horus, innovative software forge at the heart of Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and specialist for business process management, has now listed its ‘Business Processes for Oracle Cloud Applications’ for Human Capital Management as an app  Continue Reading »

The digital twin of an organization – digitally replicate your company based on processes

According to a study conducted by the msg Group in 2020, almost nine out of ten companies have already developed concepts for using a digital twin. However, only one-third are planning to change an existing business model using this innovative approach. This is precisely where great potential hides that is often unexploited in practice. In  Continue Reading »

Deal or no Deal? The course is set for green!

Green Economy, Green Growth, Green Sustainability, Green Deal – everything revolves around the conscious and sustainable use of resources. But what is it all about, and how do these demands play out in companies? Because one thing is clear, a simple coat of paint is not enough, the foundation has to match. Climate protection, sustainability,  Continue Reading »

Customer satisfaction par excellence – BPM under the banner of a sophisticated customer experience

More and more companies are recognizing how elementary a mature customer experience (CX) strategy is for competitiveness, and with it the importance of digitizing the entire customer journey. One thing is certain: enthusiastic customers remain loyal longer, buy more frequently, and even are more willing to pay a higher price. But the recommendation of product,  Continue Reading »

No fear of digitization

Modern modeling tools with established and practical best practice solutions transform the challenge of digitization into an opportunity with unimagined potential for efficient process design. In recent months, the digitization of processes has been discussed and reported on like no other topic. Crises, new legal requirements, ever-increasing demands and shortening time intervals are pushing companies  Continue Reading »

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