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Horus Knowledge Communities

Productivity and Quality with Best Practice-Reference Models

“It will be too expensive to make these models!” “And where will we find all the business knowledge?” These are typical objections when it comes to make use of business process tools. Well, it’s the end to that with Horus Knowledge Bases! More than 20 years of project experience stands behind the Best Practice Models, contributed by our business experts. As reference models, they are the ideal pivot point for ambitioned modeling projects and allow for optimizing or benchmarking individually designed models.

The Solution: Horus Knowledge Bases

With Horus Knowledge Bases the Horus-users are provided with pre-fabed quality-ensured models, where business knowledge from specific ranges or task-areas is stored. The models can be used completely or only in parts in various modeling projects. New standards and regulations in a branch? New technologies that call for process innovations? No problem with Horus Knowledge Bases, as they continuously evolve as strategic products.


The Horus method differentiates two kinds from Knowledge Bases:

Horus Knowledge Communities

Horus Knowledge Bases are made available in knowledge communities on the Web. Customers register as members of a community at their own expense and can then access community contents through a secure area of Horus Public Space. You will find community-specific opportunities for social networking in addition to knowledge bases in the Community Space.

Task-specific Communities:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financials & Controlling
  • Manufacturing
  • Projects

Branch-specific Communities:

  • Hightech
  • Communications
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