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Horus Model Intelligence

Multi-dimensional and flexible: Analyses and Reporting for Horus Model- and Simulation Data

Where common business process tools come to their limits that is where it just starts getting interesting for Horus Model Intelligence. Model specifications in document quality? Flexible Ad-Hoc evaluations done by the user himself? Comfortable online-analyses with dashboards and drill-down functionalities? Linking Horus with data from business applications such as SAP? These are all tasks that can be completed easily with Horus Model Intelligence.

Using the most modern Business Intelligence Technologies

Horus Model Intelligence is fitted to a scalable Oracle Business Intelligence environment. The core is the Oracle BI Server, which supports a multi-dimensional data model – an essential prerequisite for flexible analyses. Outstanding is the openness of the BI Server, which is the platform to link the Horus Model- and Simulation data with live-data from business applications, different databases and office products.

Model- and Simulation Reporting in Document Quality

The simplicity of using a business process tool does not end with creating models. Often it is even more important that reports and analyses are easy to understand and clearly laid out and that they really circumscribe the essentials. Next to that, branch-, company- or project standards have to be abided by. Easy for Horus Model Intelligence: With the BI Answers-component the user formulates demand-meeting Ad-Hoc-queries. The BI Publisher creates high quality documents in all common formats (PDF, HTML, MS Excel etc.), whereas it can define the layout itself or adapt it.

Online-Analyses with Dashboards and Drill Down-Functionalities

Especially when it comes to economic indicators such as added values, costs, time, and quality, multi-dimensional analyses are indispensable. They enable users to create different views on model-, simulation-, and live data and to compare the results with each other. BI interactive dashboards support analyses with interactive diagrams, tables, and graphics as well as monitoring indicators. With BI Answers drilling down to data details is possible as well as visualizing them in tables and cross-tables.


Would you like to test Horus Model Intelligence in the Cloud? You can request your access here.

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