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Horus Enterprise

Business Process Management and Social BPM for Professional Users

Today, in many branches knowledge has become the most important factor for production. This also includes that the organizational knowledge in a company in connection with the ability to generate new knowledge. It is also important to integrate the knowledge of linked communities – from business partners, associations, commercial agencies, analysts, public authorities. To structure knowledge, business processes have proven themselves, in which business services can be orchestrated and create the connection to the implementation of the processes by means of business applications and web services. Modeling is the key to building and structuring a comprehensive organization knowledge basis: formal graphic models serve to visualize and document organizational knowledge; they promote communication and enable analyses and simulation of business processes and business services.

The Solution: Horus Enterprise

With the Horus Enterprise product line, professional users are provided with modern equipment for Business Process Engineering. Based on scientifically founded concepts (XML nets) simple to use software tools are offered that, in connection with the Horus Method™, support a continuous, agile modeling procedure. Embedded in a Web 2.0 collaboration platform Horus Enterprise supports collaborative activities in business communities, also across company borders - Social BPM at its best!


Typical application areas:

  • Strategic company management
  • Process-oriented knowledge management
  • Reengineering and optimization of business processes
  • Business Process Management
  • Development and implementation of enterprise software
  • Development of Service-oriented Architectures (SOA)
  • Quality, Certification, Governance, Risk & Compliance

Horus Business Modeler™

Horus Business Modeler is an especially easy and intuitively to use tool for the graphic modeling and simulation of business processes. Functionalities for documentation and a data-based repository round up the spectrum.

Horus Model Intelligence™

Horus Model Intelligence provides the Horus model- and simulation data in a multi-dimensional data mart. By means of easy to operate business intelligence tools flexible ad-hoc enquiries can be formulated and reports in document-quality can be generated. Dashboards are the starting point for online analysis with drill-downs to the detail data.

Horus Private Community™

Horus is optimized for the use with Web 2.0. Here, the Horus Enterprise functionalities are available as web services, so they can be easily embedded into web portals. In a Horus Private Community Horus Enterprise is linked with Web 2.0 communication- and collaboration technologies.

Horus Knowledge Bases™

Horus Knowledge Bases™ are professionally developed Best Practice Models, which significantly speed up the design and implementation of business models, and they increase the model quality drastically. Branch-specific business process models and task-specific business service models are available.


More about Horus, the method and application you can read in the reference book Business Processes for Business Communities.

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